My Fourth Grade Year I Tried Out For Our Middle School Basketball Team

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My seventh-grade year I tried out for our middle school basketball team. I was very confident that I was going to make the team. The coach told us that the list of people who made the team will be on his office door on the next day. I could not wait to go to school the next day and see my name on that list because I felt like I made the team. The next day my friends and I went to look at the roster. I was disappointed to see that my name was not on the roster me and my friends were astonished. My friends asked me was I okay, I told them that I was okay, but on the inside, I was really miffed. I was driven to work on my skills in the summer. I wanted to prove everyone at the school wrong because I knew that I had a great amount of potential and I knew that I was supposed to be on that team. My parents forced me to go to some basketball games, even though I did not want to but I had to because my sister was on the step team that performed at halftime.
During the summer, I attended different basketball camps, played AAU basketball and had a personal trainer work with me on different skills. I was determined to make the team my last year in middle school. My family noticed how bad I wanted to be on the team, they also realized how hard I worked. During the summer basketball was my only focus. I knew that the only way for me to make the team was for me to work hard.

My eighth grade year started. My focus going into my eighth-grade year was graded and basketball my eighth-grade…

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