My Foundation For Becoming A Teacher Essay

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Persepective paper

During this semester, Ive really come to understand how rough, tiring, rewarding and how much of a huge process being a teacher can be. Of course, there will be a full understanding while being a college student, but my experience has helped me shape different perspectives on being a teacher. My rule number one would probably be to always try to be the best teacher you can. Because other people’s learning is at stake.

When I think about it, it was the teachers that Ive had in the past that have given me my foundation for becoming a good teacher. When I was taking private lessons, I was building an apprenticeship perspective. I can then build on the good of what they taught me and what I’ve picked up over the years. I also know that even though this was my first perspective on teaching, it wasn’t my only thoughts on teaching. Ive also developed a love hate relationship of a transmissive perspective of teaching from all of the various teachers ive had throughout my years.
When speaking to the students about the lesson, I have two jobs to do as a teacher. If im teaching music, I have to teach 15-25 kids all the same thing, and it has to lead to something else. For them, I need to be really clear about what comes next and what they need to know.
Music would really be a foreign concept to them. But depending on the age of the children, their experience with music might have just been unconcious, listening through their ears, and without a concrete…

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