Essay about My For The Adult Education Form Survey

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My scores for the Adult Education Form Survey are Sequence 28 Use First, Precise 22 Use as Needed, Technical 22 Use as Needed, and lastly Confluent 23 Use as Needed. I am a Dynamic Leaner.

I am a Sequence Use First Learner and the main reason I portray that is because I am very organized when I have things to do in my day, there is always a check off list and it is in order of how I need to do it. I feel confident when there is a time and date arranged when just meeting up with a friend. When people say,"Lets play it by ear," I immediately know I will not prioritize whatever it is that is happening. I always have an idea of how to do something and when to do it. I am recently starting to move to England and there are not any dates that are arranged, there is not a job I have over there yet, I just am waiting until my visa is processed, and it is killing me to not have a goal date! I am also a nanny and the kids that I nanny for, they have a very strict schedule with how we do things and how we go about them. Now I know, to keep up with things, and to stay on top of when homework is due, and how to arrange a start to finish plan.

I am a Precise Use as Needed Learner and this to me is when my true stubbornness come out. If I do not have proper instructions where I feel like my brain can see the end result, I don 't even want to attempt it. I never have seen myself as an "artistic" person because I cannot create something out of nothing on a white blank page. I am confident…

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