My Fondest Memories From The Middle East Essay

2003 Words Dec 13th, 2014 null Page
When I was a young child in elementary school I had a friend, Basheer, who was part of a family who were recent immigrants from the middle east. They left their native home to escape prosecution against their sufi minority status in a sunni-dominant area. One of my fondest memories I had while visiting Basheer 's home involved some of the religious practices his family engaged in, which was entirely new to me at the time. I found their customs, fresh from their homeland as they were recently assimilating, very interesting and eye-opening. The only point of reference I had to Islam, and the greater Arabic and central asian culture in general, came from some pretty biased television and news reports.
I used to spent alot of time at his house, the alien culture they came from seemed so starkly different from my own, but slowly became more fimiliar to me as time went on. At one point they asked me if I would like to hear some of their native music and I accepted their invitation with enthusiasm that actually surprised myself. I 'm almost always reluctant to these type of activities, I 've sat through some christian family music sessions before and I just dont enjoy them, I usually find them to be painfully awkward and cheesy. This was different though, I was genuinly interested in middle eastern and Indian music, introduced to me by the works of George Harrison when I was young, and was fascinated by all the other arts I saw around their home, so I sat on the couch with…

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