My First Years Of High School Essays

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Throughout my first two years of high school, my teachers stressed heavily about being prepared for the 'ACT '; which is a test that covers four major subjects, math, english, reading and science. My years of middle and highschool were supposed to prepare me for the test. My first time taking the test was the 11th grade year in the month of April. The high school I attended was sponsoring the ACT test so all 11th and 12th graders took the test. At this time the test was not a big deal to me because In my mind, I thought I knew everything I needed to know and that the test would be breeze. While taking the test , the only thing going through my mind was that this test is too easy I should make a good score. When I got to the math portion of the test all my confidence left because I realized that I had no clue of what the math questions were asking me. Towards the end of the test I said to myself you should have studied . Some weeks later I received my scores in the mail, of course me being the person I am , I thought my score would have been in the twenties but sadly, I scored a sixteen. The score did not phase me in any way because I had a whole year and a half to bring it up, so this was only the beginning. I registered to take the test again in October of 2015 and I did not study once again mainly because I gave myself the big head , thinking I didn 't have to. I received my scores two weeks later and was depressed . I once again scored another sixteen. This hurt…

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