My First Year Seminar Class Essay

774 Words Dec 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Preface Writing papers has never been my forte. In high school, I always did well on my papers, nothing less than a B. Then, when I came to college and wrote my first reflection in my first year seminar class, I realized that my writing wasn 't up to par. I’ve always struggled with writing throughout my entire experience in school. For me, writing academic papers has always been really hard for me to do. It never came natural to me, and I always felt like I was doing it wrong. In The Essay, we write personal essays, and those seem to come more easy to me than academic papers. If I can talk about life experiences than it’s easy to sit down and write a paper on it. When it came to writing reflections for FYS I couldn 't seem to put my thoughts down into an organized reflection. I definitely have noticed a big difference in my writing from not only high school to college, but from the beginning of college to the end of my college semester. A big thing that has changed for me is my confidence. I learned not to compare myself to other writers when it comes to my own writing. I’ve noticed a difference in how I write because of the confidence booster I’ve gotten, especially because of The Essay. The Essay has helped me branch out of my comfort zone and write about topics I normally wouldn 't talk about, and also it’s helped me learn how to write in different writing styles that I haven 't been exposed to before. FYS has also helped me branch out and get out of my comfort zone…

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