Essay about My First Year Of Teaching

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This article begins with a bold statement directed towards new teachers of how important their first year of teaching can be to their professional career, and also to the lives of the students that in the teachers classes. The author continues stating how important it is to decide what kind of learning atmosphere they will wish to create and maintain, but also how the way the teacher manages their classroom affects the learning environment. The article then begins to present 5 key principles that can help create a successful classroom for first year teachers. The first principle listed is for the teacher to consider their own personal teaching styles and preferences. The author warns teachers against using management styles that are familiar to the teacher, but do not fit well with the teacher. The teacher must pick a style that fits with their personality, and make clear the expectations for student’s behavior and how the classroom will run from the first day. They second key the author gives is to keep it simple. The article explains that 4 to 5 rules make it much easier for students to remember them, and also easier for the teacher to enforce. The author gives advice to create rules that are broader instead of creating rules that focus on one specific activity in one specific part of the day.
The third principle is to incorporate positive reinforcement into the classroom. The author urges teachers to highlight the reasons behind rules for students, and phrase…

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