My First Year Of High School Essay

2804 Words Oct 7th, 2016 12 Pages
If it was possible to time travel, and the person I am went back in time to tell myself all I have accomplished I don’t know if I’d believe him. Looking back at the past me and seeing how much I have changed and developed is outstanding. If you talked to my teachers’ freshmen year of high school, I guarantee they would bring up how overconfident in myself I was, and immature. Overtime though I have grown out of this trait, and like to look at myself as more mature and developed. How you develop is a curious thing. Development starts as a child, you slowly become the person you are as time passes; sometimes you even have drastic changes to your personality brought on by facing difficult tasks that help define you. Development progresses through the ages so, let me get you oriented with my life. The past and present along with current issues I am facing. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 16, 1998. I lived there for the first 9 years of my life. Had a lot of great friends I still remember a few of them there is Dominique, Antonio, and Christian. I remember Christian only lived a few blocks away from me. It’s funny how you can remember random little facts about your childhood, but never everything. Like I recall, I lived on Osprey Point Avenue. There are a lot of random memories that come back to me when I think of that street, things like having to enter a code to get through the gate to get to your house because Las Vegas isn’t the safest of places. My mom would let…

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