My First Year Of College Essay

735 Words Jan 28th, 2016 3 Pages
I moved to United States of America to further my education in 2013. I got admitted to Colorado State University my first year of college. I’m just 19 years old. To live in school is very expensive, so I stayed with my sister in Pueblo. During my first semester in school I met a lot of new friends like Alex, who was two years older than me. He is from Mexico and plays soccer for the school. He was my best friend at the time. We play soccer in school on the weekends. Soccer is a team sport. I met a lot of people. I met Joseph from the soccer team, he is from Nigeria. He is a year older than me. After soccer practice, we all go to Joseph’s room to relax and play video games.
Close to the end of the semester Alex invited me and a few other team mates to a school party to celebrate the last win of our game. I was so happy because I had never been to a college party in the United States. I had the idea of how is going to look like because I had seen it in movies. My sister was out of state at the time of the party, therefore I didn’t have to worry about her, plus, I can stay out late.
Getting to the party it looks different from the other party I had been too, I looked really nervous, but I had my friends around, we all reminisced about the game while we chugged bottles of beer, laughing loudly as ever. Later that day we went to a party where I met a gorgeous looking Puerto Rican girl, Sandra, who was all so a freshman student in my school. We got along pretty well, then we…

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