My First Year Of College Essay

1015 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
Ultimately, playing baseball is what brought me to the small town of Barbourville, Kentucky to attend Union College. My first year of college I attended Broward College in South Florida. My sophomore year I went to Frederick Community College in Frederick, Maryland. Before I attended Union College I was attending two year community colleges so the whole four year school difference really was “different”. There are many things that I didn’t get to experience at the two year schools I attended that I have got to here. One thing that is very noticeable right of the bat is people living on campus the fact that there is campus life is completely new to me. I don’t personally live on campus but my previous schools just had the buildings for school and that was it. My time at Union has been interesting, I have found a lot of good and bad about it. The area it’s in in itself isn’t exactly the best in the world but the campus itself is nice and pretty well sized. I enjoy the fact that it’s basically an all athlete school so basically everything is pretty much taken serious, I did come here for baseball so the more people that are focused on their sport like I am the better. I also work for the school, I work at the physical plant working with the grounds crew, it’s pretty hard work but it’s fun and the people I work with are a good group of guys so I don’t have any problems with it, plus im getting paid. My whole thing again like I said is playing baseball and that experience hasn’t…

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