My First Year Of A Teacher Essay

907 Words Jul 8th, 2015 4 Pages
I love children therefore I graduated as a teacher in Mexico. When I got married I moved to the United States, and English became my second language. In Idaho Falls, I worked as a teacher assistant for a school because I wanted to keep teaching children. With this first experience, I became familiar with teaching in this country. I moved to Alaska, and I started to work in another school with a temporary teaching certificate for a year. During this year, I had to pass the required test to get certified in the State. On my first intent to get certified I didn’t pass it. I took the required test five more times again, and I couldn’t get the score I needed. That was my first year of failures. Consequently I moved to Houston, and I found another job in another school. After a couple of years, I thought I needed to try again. I took the required test to get certified in Texas and I failed it six times. As a result, I found a program that prepared me for the test. When I was ready I took it three times until finally I got the score I need it. I was really excited, and I continued taking two more tests that were required. Which I failed them a couple of times before I pass them. I was close to getting certified when the State decides to change the rules. The three tests that I passed after failing a few times were taken away, and I was told to take them all over again. My self-esteem was so low by that time that I didn’t want to take any test anymore. Because all of these failures…

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