My First Year Experience Program Essay

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Postsecondary programs supporting underprepared students
First-Year Experience. First-Year Experience programs (Greenfield, Keup, and Gardner, 2013) are positioned to support developmental education, providing knowledge and aiding in student evolvement on a variety of levels. These first-year focused courses expand on freshman orientations. They are typically mandatory, semester-long, credit bearing courses with required attendance. Providing all incoming students with information that will assist in their connection and adjustment to the school reinforces developmental learning. The inclusiveness of the program transports the student cohort to comparable levels of support awareness, especially purposeful when exposing first-generation students to the expectations of the college culture. In support of underprepared students, the additional goals of persistence and retention are important. First-year programs support students through the adjustment to campus life while extending skills to assist students in enhancing their success. Embedding success strategies within first-year programs, leaders can implement necessary elements through a variety of learning strategies. Behavioral learning may be the initial focus of the class, but involving a student-centered approach affords classes to customize the lesson plans and design initiatives to encourage student development in a variety of learning styles.
The instructors of first-year programs should vary; integrating…

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