Essay on My First Year At Community College Of Vermont

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This is my first year at Community College of Vermont. I came to CCV to progress in my individual growth and development of my knowledge. United State is known as a country with freedom. Freedom of speech, Freedom of right to practice any religion and such. Beginning of the course, my philosophy of freedom was “Living the life the way you want”. My philosophy hasn’t changed drastically, but have gained greater amount of knowledge about freedom and right. First, I personally strongly believe freedom is also knowing the truth and being free. Living in a false parallel universe takes away the freedom to know what 's real. Second concept of freedom to me is living a life without being judge by my race, nationality, religion or any ethnicity. Nobody have right to interfere with my life based on how I look. My last concept of freedom is living a life without fears of government or our social community. As an immigrant in United State, I find privilege using my rights. Many immigrants have come to United State for opportunities and simple as living a life without any fear. Although we have limited freedom, some of the people around the do not get to practice any of the above. I tend to use my right which is lawfully given to me by all the written amendments. We have right to practice our cultures and religion, but I often find myself doubting on practice we follow from ancient years. It is important that we must obey and keep the culture alive, but we have right to decide…

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