Essay on My First Week Of Class At University Of North Carolina

1119 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
It was the first week of class at University of North Carolina. I was already in college and attending one of my first freshman classes in a large auditorium. I remember that the college was UNC in particular because some people were wearing shirts and sweaters from the bookstore. It was dark outside even though the sun should have been out since I was going to class and doing things that I would normally always do during the day. There were lots of different characters in my dream, most of them were in my class. I do not remember what subject the class was about but I remember it was taking place in an auditorium type of room. My classmates in my all sounded similarly and their faces where unrecognizable, I could not remember anyone I talked too as if I had short term memory loss. The only voices that I could recognize where the voices of my friends from Durham Academy. They did not have voices either but I could tell who they were based on the sound of their voice. From what I can remember once I woke up was the I was trying to meet new people to hang out with other from Durham Academy but I would not remember what they looked like. I also remember that at some point in my dream I was in a dorm where a majority of kids where from DA. I had nothing against them but I still wanted to meet new people, but I could not remember anyone. This was my dilemma. The one conversation that I remembered was one with a dorm organizer. I had asked to switch dorms to branch out from the DA…

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