Reflective Essay: What I Learned At My First Track

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The biggest challenge i 've faced was at my first track meet. I started track in seventh grade. I hadn 't ever done a sport in my life before track. I started track for a couple of reasons. One, I had always wanted to do a sport. I was too uncoordinated to do like basketball and i was scared of getting hurt in volleyball or softball, and i didn 't think i was pretty enough for cheer. So I basically talked myself out of any sport and I remember track crossing my mind but i said “No i can’t run either.” So I was very negative in my thinking, which held me back from doing sports earlier. Secondly I was tired of people always asking if I played a sport and me saying no, and they were so appalled so I felt entitled to. They would say things like …show more content…
I don 't know what but something compelled me to actually get a paper about it and for once I thought I could do it. I started going to the workouts, everyday after school, and it was hard. The training in all types of weather and how much we did was overwhelmingly hard. It was very frustrating because I would put 100% in the workouts and I would still be at the end of the pack, struggling every day, but that was because I had just started. My coach, Coach Adams, had noticed my hard work and she said I could come to the first track meet. That 's when everything changed. I was very excited and nervous. It was my first track meet of the season and I was running the eight hundred meters and the mile. While we were on the bus, one of the high jump coaches said they needed one girl to volunteer. No one would and I, who knows why, volunteered. So now I was doing three events at my first track meet, EVER. So I got off the bus, adrenaline and excitement pumping, I ran to go warm up and do the high jump. Keep i n mind I had never practiced the high jump in my life and I started out doing it okay. Right in the middle of practicing I got called to do the 800 meters. Nerves and

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