Essay about My First Time - Original Writing

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Our cars were similar in color before I got the Hyundai. I had a Ford escape kinda dark gray I called her Sugarfoot I wanted that Escape so badly during the summer I would see it everywhere I go. You have a dark grayish Kia Soul right. I see that car everywhere I go even if I don’t want to.
I guess it was true you really do get inside my head. I have other signs I’ll try and remember as many as I can.
There would be times where you mention how you don’t want a relationship and it would come up out the blue we wouldn’t even be talking about relationships and you were saying. So that confused me because I didn’t know if you wanted to ask you why or if you were telling me quit early. I still don’t know why.
After you curved me the first time because I told you I think about you all the time you had invited me over for something and you just moved into the other girls room and I was surveying everything like I do. I forgot the topic of our convo but you said it not like a have a boyfriend or any. So again I’m not sure what means seeing as if you know that what I was trying to be. I’m not sure if you were being sarcastic and petty or if you were trying throw a hint at me. I don’t know if that was the case I missed it my bad.
Often there were times I felt like you were throwing signs that you liked me at certain points. I came over one day I forgot why and again at some point in the convo you say it’s not like you ugly Tre’Vahn. My common sense varies so again I was not sure if…

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