My First Time - Original Writing Essay

715 Words Sep 21st, 2016 3 Pages
Growing up, I always considered myself and everyone around me invincible, like nothing bad ever happened to anyone, I was wrong. You see, when something bad happens your mind races with a variety of different emotions. You feel disbelief, panicked, and then you have to wait, which makes you overwhelmingly anxious. The first time I felt these emotions, was when I was sixteen, it was also the first time I realized that everyone around me that I loved wasn’t invincible. At first it didn’t seem real; I still felt everyone was invincible. The news I just heard felt fake, made up, maybe even a prank, I was in complete disbelief. It was a chilly December morning, I had just got done eating brunch with my mom when I got the call, the worst call of my life. I was confused because it was one of my friends girlfriend’s Leah, which was weird because I honestly had forgotten she had my number. I will always remember what she had said that morning, “Madison, you need to get to the hospital. Sid, Stefan and Shane were in an accident.” I froze, at this point I was in complete disbelief, it was like the words coming through the phone were something out of a movie, something that just doesn’t happen and couldn’t possibly be real. Especially not to the ones I thought were invincible. The events that took place after that seemed as if they were going in slow motion, a blur you could say. My mom and I got in the car and drove an hour to Orlando Memorial. From the moment I got that phone call…

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