My First Time On Campus Essay

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One evening, soon after college ended for summer break, Anna invited some close friends over for a get together. A guy who I met during our visit with her at college was also invited. When I had seen “Mr. Perfect” for the first time on campus, Anna pointed him out as he breezed by in his sports car. I remember thinking, “Wow! He really knows how to make an entrance,” when he passed us. Later that evening, near campus, we met him and his roommate for dinner at a casual dining place, and I was introduced to this tall, dark, handsome gentleman.
Mr. Perfect was also a champion body builder, president of the top fraternity at this college, and was studying both pre-law and pre-med. I recall he wore a yellow, form-fitting designer sweatshirt, jeans, and a pair of Italian shoes on his bare feet. His cool manner was mesmerizing, and his presence was the perfect example of subtle swagger. Everyone in the room seemed to come to attention when he entered. Among a few things I learned about this picture-perfect frat boy, I was told he never let anyone touch his sports car, not that it surprised me. He also felt the same attachment to his lucky yellow sweatshirt.
Now, as the evening went on at Anna’s house, the girls spent a night catching up, but Mr. Perfect, who showed up perfectly late, didn’t even seem to notice my presence, not that I thought he would. We had so briefly met, once, many months ago.
With the need to go early because of work the next day, I said my goodbyes…

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