Essay on My First Time Of My Dorm Room

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Golden rays of early morning sunshine poured through the glass windows and illuminated my dorm room. I look over to see my friend Andrew attempting to sleep in by pretending to ignore his painfully annoying phone alarm. “Andrew you need to get up and shut that thing off. It’s hardly 8 a.m. and I’m already getting a massive headache.” I nagged at him, “Andrew. Seriously. Now. Get up!” I ready my hand to deliver a perfect “five-star” smack onto his bare back but instead he turns around and faces me, eyes still closed, and tells me he will be ready in five and that I need to make sure the rest of our crew is up.
I exit my dorm room and knock on Miguel and Ryan’s room and they are both already ready to go down and eat. As Ryan, Miguel, and I enter the dining hall, I see her for the first time. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen thus far in my life. She was gorgeous, her golden blonde hair shined more spectacularly than the rays of heaven, her eyes were cut from the most precious sapphires known to man, her smile made my world stop moving, and her lashes fluttered far more gracefully than a butterfly could ever attempt to recreate in its own fashion.
The whole rest of the day I could not stop thinking about her, I could not concentrate properly in my first day of German class only because I was still so mesmerized by her sheer beauty. Once class had let out, my group of friends and I walked out to the courtyard to relax some and plan for the rest of our trip in Berlin. I…

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