Essay about My First Time Drinking With Friends

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Everyone has their fair share of drinking stories and they all vary from funny, sad, or stupid. My first time drinking with friends is a good mix of all three. We can blame it all we want on being young and stupid but looking back I think of it as a good time and an opportunity to learn a lesson. Almost everyone there dealt with the repercussions of our actions and somewhat regret what we did. Deciding to drink after our junior homecoming led to us getting suspended from sports for a week, two months of counselor meetings, and a bad reputation for a while if not the rest of high school. Growing up in a small town there was not always a lot to do. Most weekends and summers were spent just hanging around at friends’ houses. While going through our younger years of school we heard of people getting caught doing something stupid but never thought that would be us. Many of us even thought we would wait until after high school to drink or even wait until we were at the legal age. We were sadly mistaken. Around sophomore year we figured out whose parents would be okay with drinking at their house and sometimes even buying it for us if we drank at their house and didn’t leave. “Having a fire” usually meant having a bunch of people out at house in the country for a fire and after the girls and a lot of people left us guys would keep sitting by the fire the rest of the nigh and enjoying some beer or liquor. It made for some of the most memorable nights of high school even if we…

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