My First Steps Inside The Plane Essay

1744 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
The engine bursts into loud whirring noises, rising elevation causes my ears to pop as I hold on tightly onto my seat belt for dear life. I am afraid of heights. Back in my younger years, I had events like making my first friend, first crush, meeting new family members, having family gatherings, and etc. All of these events remain very memorable moments, and I still remember them very well up to this day. However, all this cannot compare to an event that remained life changing. I was going to California by riding a plane. Of course there was many twists and turns while living in California. However, I eventually returned to where I truly belong, North Carolina. Taking my first steps inside the plane was so belly flopping splendid, and that plane ride was life altering for the reason that it was a journey that took me to a new land filled with a series of unfortunate events, nevertheless thanks to that journey I matured and it all leads to who I am now. I was only seven years of age when I heard from my dad and grandma that we were flying to California to start a new life. It stood as the greatest apprehensive moment of my life since not only were we flying but starting a new chapter. As the days went by, I eventually grew more excited than fearful. There was not a day I did not stop thinking about what would happen, or how would it feel to ride in a plane. Finally, that day came. It came slow and at the same time so swift. On the day we were to leave, I…

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