My First Step For My Arts Essay

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The first step for my Arts Making was to decide which character from my drama oral storytelling to select as the perspective of my song. After some thought, I chose my younger sister. This meant that my song was based on how a young child would view the sites and sounds of Amsterdam. I then decided to select a well known children’s nursery rhyme to form the melody of my song as I felt that this would reflect the child’s perspective. I chose The Wheels on the Bus. Next, I wrote the lyrics for my song and rehearsed singing it. I also designed, created and decorated my instruments, which included; a shaker and a rain stick maker. Lastly, I filmed myself singing my song and edited it together to make a short video.

The first step of my Arts Responding activity was to listen to the The Moldau by Bedrich Smetana, without watching the video of the Orchestra of Europe playing it. This meant that I was able to appreciate the music without any distraction. I then listened to it a second time and completed a visual response to the music. Next, I watched the video of the orchestra actually playing the music which allowed me to complete the guided listening and answer the questions on the different instruments, playing techniques, stages of the journey and elements of music. Lastly, I completed background research on the composer and the piece, and reflected on the insights I had gained from completing this Arts Responding activity.

Making: Through the creation and performance of my…

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