My First Semester Of Student Teaching Essay

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The overarching theme of my stance, bottom line, and my first semester of student teaching was centered on setting high expectations for my students while making learning accessible to my students. Throughout this year, I believe that I’ve implemented this theme with my students at RHS and during ECLA. For example, at the end of the summer ECLA presentation, Adam and I were able to encourage our initially shy students to take part in the presentation. Reflecting on this instance, and many others, has convinced me that I should continue to practice this theme in the future: this theme enforces the concept of perseverance and growth, the key ingredients in being a successful student.

Think about the next 5 years in teaching – what are your goals with respect to your teaching, professional growth, and continued learning?

In five years I would like to:
1. Have a better understanding of the needs of my students and the education system
2. Have made a difference in the lives of many of my students
3. Be a leader within the education system and my school community
4. Have the same passion and commitment I currently have for teaching
5. Feel content (but not stagnant) in whatever I am doing, whether that is as a teacher or an administrator
6. Complete another master’s program that will aid me in being a better educator
7. Have a support system of educators that I can turn to for advise and insight

Make a plan to help you achieve these new goals. There are multiple things that…

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