My First Semester Of Nursing School At Auburn University At Montgomery

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A class such as pathopharmacology, pathopharmacology clinical, and evidence based practice has to be taking the first semester of nursing school at Auburn University at Montgomery. In the pathopharmacology classes and clinics, I would be learning knowledge of heath and illness, and nursing in general. These classes will teach the basic concepts of nursing. Once those classes are obtained, I am able to advance through more complex material. Upon graduating like stated before each nurse has to become licensed by taking the NCLEX-RN Test. I would like to practice my degree in a hospital setting. The program length for completion of a nurse earning an ASN degree is two years whereas, BSN is earned in four years. After earning a BSN degree, I am able to advance my studies by going straight to graduate school by obtaining a MSN, PhD, or DNP nursing degree. With a MSN degree, I would be able to become a nurse administrator, educator, and much more. People who obtain a doctor of philosophy usually conduct or teach research. Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees allow nurses focuses on clinical practices. Another positive is that if I were to graduate and work in a hospital critical care unit for a year, I would automatically have the opportunity to become a nurse anesthesiologist.
Along with obtaining a bachelor’s of science nursing degree and becoming a registered nurse come roles, responsibilities, salaries, benefits, and more. Responsibilities of registered nurses include…

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