My First Semester Of College Essay

1161 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Now that English 101 is over I look back and I realized that my first semester of college is over. This is a big accomplishment, I managed to finish this semester with grades that I can be proud of, I made great friends that have truly been helping me succeed during this semester of college. Although this may not seem like a lot to an older student, as a 19-year-old, someone who was not used to doing things by myself, especially living on my own, I strongly believe that I did a good job at handling everything that was thrown at me. However, this is only my first semester and to be successful for the rest of my college career I need to reflect on the things I did well in my English class this year. Also, I need to always remember where the finish line is; what I want to get out of college.
English class this year was very exciting, Sam really did a great job helping me understand that I am the writer and that essays do not have to be like the standard High School essay. I can be more creative, I can take the essay in the direction that I feel is more appropriate. I think that this can really be seen by the difference in my grade from my first and second essay. The first essay which was about attending a special event, it is very clear that I had a high school mentality when it came to writing. The structure of my essay was 8 paragraphs, all the paragraphs were the same length and even the sentences were the same length (See pages #). Nevertheless, once we were given the…

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