My First Semester Of College Essay

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When situations arise in life when we are forced to make important decisions, persevere in a given activity, or make the best out of a difficult situation, how we mentally tackle our problems are a major factor in the quality of the outcome and how we measure our success. For some people, decisions are made through viewing everything in a positive light. Seeing only the fullness of the glass, positive thinkers see the world full of potential for success. On the other hand, many view the world as a constant uphill battle of mistakes and misfortunes, and to which I find myself a struggling member.
I never actually considered myself a pessimist, but I have always lived the life of one. Throughout my early schooling, my high school years, and even the beginnings of my first semester of college, I am surprised I had never realized this before. My overall outlook on life and my attitude towards perseverance in hard situations are all indications of someone inclined towards pessimism.
When I was around 5 years old, my negative attitudes began showing during my time in Kindergarten. In the case of handwriting and phonics, I soon found myself frustrated at the fact that I did not always turn out perfect work. If anyone were to ask me on any given day about my education, whether what my favorite subject was or how my studies were going, he or she would have received an emotionally charged answer giving the impression that my schooling was nothing more than a string of failures.…

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