My First Semester Of College Essay

727 Words May 1st, 2016 3 Pages
I had Berta for general psychology during my first semester of college. When I found out she was teaching another Psych class in the Spring, I thought ‘I’ve got to take this class’. Berta is someone I look up to as a person, and she also has my utmost respect for being the most laid back professor that I have had so far here at Pellissippi State. She has made me feel like I actually matter in this world, and that I actually have a purpose. I know for a fact if I ever needed anything from her she would be there to support me and push me all of the way. I’m very blessed to be able to say this about one of my professors. One thing that stood out for me during this semester was the friendships that I have gained. I’m a reserved person and it is really hard for me to meet new people; but, Sydney, Kayla, and Aaron have gained a special place in my heart after the weeks that I have spent with them in this class. Sydney and Aaron have especially gotten me out of my little turtle shell, and that is one of the reasons that I have been able to open up to almost everyone in the class about whatever topic was being discussed that day. Kayla has just made me feel like the grandest person. Every time I would walk into class, whether I looked homeless or somewhat dressy that day, Kayla always made it a point to tell me that she liked my shirt on me, or she liked the way my hair was fixed. Just knowing that I have these three to carry with me through any journey that I go through is…

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