My First Semester Of College Essay

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ENGL 101, FALL 2015


Essay 3: class Experience

My first semester of college in my English 101 class was certainly an experience. And I use the word "experience” because I have learned a lot about myself, my writing, and the language. Due to the fact that i just came from high school, my expectations from this class were very high. I was expecting my professor to be arch on correcting papers and giving feedbacks. I was expecting my class to have a lot of native speakers. however, it wasn’t the case, my was very nice, and gave us good feedbacks in other to improve our writing style and patterns. I was put in a class with students that had problems with the language. So it was very easy to help each other out with problems that we were facing.

At the beginning of this course ,my writing skills weren’t good at all . I didn’t good grades on assignments. i definitely needed help with organizing my thoughts and putting them down on the paper in order, i used of run-on sentences, didn’t know how to paraphrase, and use MLA format . I worked on all of these skills every time I wrote a paper as the semester went by. i didn’t think it was wrong because i wrote the way i spoke. I didn’t see the matter until after my first big essay as a college student. My professor said ‘this is going to be a challenge for you guys’. I didn’t understand what he met by that but i later figured it out. The first essay ask us to write a critical interpretive essay about…

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