My First Semester At College Essay

1127 Words Dec 18th, 2015 null Page
After having completed my first semester at college I can honestly my attitudes and perspective on college itself have drastically changed. Not only have I learned how different my ideas on schooling and the physical work that accompanies said schooling, but I have been able to make many self-realizations about myself as well. I have been able to make numerous amounts of parallels to myself in high school that I thought would change or that I at least hoped to change for the better. For me, my first semester at college really wasn’t about the grades or focusing on my schooling with all my heart. I still gave a decent amount of effort towards all my schooling as it was still important to me, but my true focus was to branch out and, in a way, change my overall persona and change the attitudes I no longer desired to possess. This became a goal that was a lot easier said than done which I quickly came to realize. When first entering the semester I desired to set myself apart from the student I was in high school by buckling down and dedicating myself to school. I came in with aspirations of getting a 3.0 GPA or higher and spending my spare time to bettering myself in classes I was having trouble with. I planned on using the vast number of opportunities for extra help such as office hours and tutoring by peers in order to stay up to date with materials from class. As classes went on I quickly slipped back into my roots from high school of shyness and in a sense, an inability…

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