My First Semester As An Ole Miss Student Essay

921 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
Looking back at my first semester as an Ole Miss student, I have been taught valuable information that has made me a more educated individual and a more advanced writer. While reflecting on my development in the class of Writing 101, I have discovered that the learning outcome of the writing process has been the most beneficial to me this semester. Although I wrote my literacy narrative essay early in the year, it has proven to be the paper most related to the learning process I have chosen. Throughout this course, the writing process has taught me the important and necessary steps of how to write a comprehensive and organized paper that leads to a prosperous grade. While reflecting on which learning outcome benefited me most as a writer, the writing process was the most helpful when writing my literacy narrative. When I was first presented the assignment, I struggled with what to write about. I was forced to sit down in a quiet room, and force myself to think about a significant event in my life that I was passionate about that related to the prompt given. I remember brainstorming for a few hours trying to figure out what to write about, and finally it became clear to me that I needed to write about my business. Immediately after I knew what I was going to write about, I began planning different ways to compose the paper. I recall creating a detailed and specific outline that forced me to layout my paper in the most organized way possible. After I used the the writing…

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