My First Semester As A Communications Arts Major Essay

1005 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
The first day I met with Stephanie I mainly asked questions I never received an answer to my first semester as a Communications Arts major. I switched into Comm halfway through my first semester as an architecture student because I worried I would be stuck with the same architecture job my whole life. I told her things like that really concern me and she confirmed what my friend from high school told me when I decided I wanted to switch. They both explained how Comm had multiple options from behind the scenes music production to on camera anchor positions. This was a major relief both times I heard it because I never want to be stuck in the same field and though it is all one major I have many different options to choose from. When I started practicum I did not know what I was supposed to do. All I knew was how to run the radio.
That discussion helped me understand what some norms of Comm Arts are. I learned about the different branches the university offers and how each one could lead to hundreds of completely different jobs. Along with that, each aspect of a Comm job is unique. Some jobs are behind the cameras, setting up before the show, or creating music months before the project starts. Other opportunities could come as talent or directing a show. Overall, I learned the field may seem small, but there are so many options that it seems endless.

The second time we met I asked Steph to further explain practicum to me. The semester I started Comm I joined…

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