Essay My First Real Experience Reading

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Growing up as an inactive member of the Church I never had any real exposure to reading the scripture. My first real experience reading the scriptures in depth and studying them was in seminary, which to be honest was not the best way for me to learn about them. Trying to understand and take away from them at six in the morning did not really give me much of a background or knowledge of the Bible. So, when I enrolled in this class I felt as if I would have a difficult time. However, as the semester has progressed I found myself being engrossed in my daily readings and developing a stronger testimony in Jesus Christ each and every day. Whether it was learning about the background of each author, who they wrote their gospel for, the difference between Sadducees and Pharisees, or Jesus’ life on earth, I could tell my understanding of the scriptures was being expanded and enhanced. Even though the New Testament gospel authors each had their own perspective regarding Christ and his ministry, we are able to develop a newfound respect for Christ as a Servant, Man, King, and God. Therefore, as one carefully reads the New Testament they are able to piece together a unified picture of the Savior and gain a deeper understanding of Christ’s love for each of us. Mark, a missionary companion of Paul, who wrote under the direction of Peter, is assumed to have written his gospel first due to the lack of unique material in comparison to that of Matthew, Luke, and John. The Book of Mark…

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