My First Play Hosted At My New School Essay

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Couch Potato Santa, the first play hosted at my new school, and I got the role of playing Blitzen. I raced home so eager to tell my mom that I secured the role. I couldn’t wait for the next three months to pass so I could preform this play flawlessly for her; therefore, day in and day out I practiced my lines since it was not often that my mom could come to see my school functions. Now it is the day of the performance and looking out into the crowd, I see no one, but as they say… the show must go on. From that day on I developed the self-motivation, confidence, and commitment aspects of who I am today.

After the show everyone asked why my mom was not there, and I knew why, of course she had to be working. Incessantly working was her life. The relentless pursuit to provide for my brother and I. Doing it so that I could have all the opportunities that I have right now, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Although I was always supported verbally through being wished the best of luck in all my endeavors; she never physically being there crushed my soul. For the longest time I truly believed that I was not loved and didn’t have a support system similar to everyone else. Then, as time passed it dawned on me, my life was like this because this was the way I would develop my self-motivation. Just like winter falling snowflakes everyone’s situation is different, but what they learn from it is what makes it worthy. At the age of 17 I now realize that being raised in a low…

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