Essay about My First Placement At The Penobscot Job Corp Center

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1) While at my first placement at the Penobscot Job Corp center, I learned three valuable lessons. The first thing that I learned was self-motivation and its overall importance in the learning process. The Penobscot Job Corp center is not the same as a traditional school. There are similarities, but overall, the students at the center have to be self-motivated learners. In the class that I observed, there are no lectures. Rather, students are expected to utilize the computers in the class and take practice exams on the HSD-HSE test. This classroom had a strong self-learning approach and if a student did not understand a problem, the teacher would act as a tool and come to the distressed student to offer them guidance. This type of independent learning seemed to hold great value to the students, as when I talked to the teacher, he discussed that each student was driven by something. To me, it seemed as if the students were driven by an external factor and from what I can tell, it seemed to be that the students were driven by the chance of eventually earning money in the disciplines that they are studying. I heard multiple students discuss how much they were going to earn once they accomplished what they needed to at the Penobscot Job Corp. Keeping this aspect in mind, I see that it is essential to have students relate what they are learning to an external factor that will have relevance in their lives. As a teacher, that should be a first priority objective, as the more…

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