My First Person I Lost Essay

1110 Words Oct 18th, 2014 null Page
I can remember it as if it was yesterday. The first person I lost to cancer, it was my grandma. I do not think I was or have even been told what type of cancer she had. Back then I did not care, all I know it had been stage four and they had limited choices. My freshman year my grandma started undergoing a lot of chemo and radiation treatments when the surgery had failed that previous spring. I can only guess what she was thinking when they told her the news. I know I just wanted her to be better; I wanted my spirited grandma back, the one who taught me and my brother to walk on those big oil barrels, the only person I can remember singing about even the smallest things, who passed on her love of art to me. After her first few treatments she struggled with her eating habits losing too much weight, when she really should have been eating more to keep up her strength. Her face was pale and she was very frail. She was in and out of the hospital. I missed several volleyball practices so I could go see her. I got confirmed at the beginning of her treatments, my grandma could not make it, to make up for her absence she sent a stained glass mosaic with lilies and a bible verse, it is my favorite gift from her. Our last Christmas with my grandma my family and I bought her purple sweater and a blanket my mom made for her I believe. The older grandchildren including me received twenty five dollars in cash from her and grandpa, I could have cared less about the money, any…

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