My First Period Of Technology Essay

1456 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
From the time I get up in the morning until the time I go to sleep, I am engulfed in the wave of technology. My alarm clock from my cell phone wakes me. On my drive to school, I sync my phone to the radio so that I can listen to music and answer a call if I get one. Once I arrive to school, my first period teacher instructs me to go to the computer lab t to type and share a paper vial google docs. Second period, my math teacher gives us more operations to put into our calculators. Third period, my history teacher takes us on an adventure using his smart board. Fourth period, I can hardly wait to get into the driving assimilation. Fifth period, my dance teacher shares a new routine via skype. When I leave school and go to my part-time job, my engagement with technology continues, for orders are computerized. All I have to do is touch the right button. My day normally ends with me pulling into drive and disarming the alarm from phone before entering my home. I, like most teenagers, cannot remember life without these technological advances. I, like many, consider them a luxury. However, I also believe that we are too dependency on these gadgets cause distractions, limited face to face interaction, and dangers.
Computers gadgets have changed the ways teachers can teach their classrooms. Many schools have changed from the traditional classroom setting to a technological classroom setting. A technological classroom has many forms of technology-- from computers to…

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