My First Pair Of Air Jordan Retro Twelve Shoes Essay

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Toys, blankets, stuff animals come and go throughout life, things given to me that I never used or wanted. Expensive or cheap objects I bought because I just wanted or needed it and where are they now? Too many possessions I don’t even remember holding or using. But there is one particular item I have had since I was an infant. A sentimental object associated with my family, memories, and the person I am today. Taking one simple glance at my first pair of Air Jordan retro thirteen shoes brings back so many memories of being a baby, some painful and others enjoyable. Moments I think about all the time.
My Air Jordan’s are displayed on a black sturdy shelf surrounded by pictures and glassed antiques. My shoes were released in 1997 the year I was born at Carondelet St. Mary’s Tucson, AZ given to me by both my parents. They are as black as coal and at the bottom is red and white like a candy cane. The touch of leather is so smooth like the inside of a new car and the scent I get from taking a quick whiff from my air Jordan’s is baby powder. The smell reminding me of the story my mom told me about when I took my first steps in these vary shoes. I was nine to twelve months and at the time my parents were living in a large one room apartment complex. So, while my mom was cooking dinner in the small kitchen I was in the living room playing with my pink Minnie mouse electric toy on the black rug and when my dad got home from work exhausted he opened the door and there I was…

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