Essay on My First Observation Of My Second Observation

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The child that I observed for my second observation was Lissandro. The same child as my last observation. Lissandro is now 44 months old. I observed Lissandro at his home on the 22nd of this month around noon time. How he relates to me is that he is my best friend’s nephew. One thing that changed in the child’s life is that the father is seeing his child more. Before, he would see him on weekends, but now he sees his son all the time.

Not a lot of the child’s fine and gross motor skills have changed. Comparing the two observations from the checklist I have, I noticed that there was only one change. One of the changes was that he was able to draw shapes better than in the last observation. He was able to draw circles more distinct this time around. The rest of his motor skills that I noticed in the last observation were about the same during this observation.

Lissandro’s cognitive development has also changed, and in a few ways. One of the things on the checklist that I saw this time that I didn’t last time, was how he was able to name colors. Another thing that I saw was that he was counting this time. He was able to count to ten. There was one thing that I saw last time that I didn’t see this time. That was that he was able to recall parts of a story. All the other activities on the checklist were met in both if the observations.

There was one change that I saw/heard in the child’s language development. The one change was that I was not…

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