My First Observation At Madisonville North Hopkins High School

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High School Throughout this report I will introduce the teachers observed individually, as well as highlight three teaching standards that I found most significant for each teacher. My first observation came on Wednesday, September, 30th 2015 at Madisonville North Hopkins High School in Hopkins County. I was given the opportunity to observe Mr. Faulk’s 11th grade World History class. Mr. Faulk’s World History class was both fascinating and informative because it is the grade level and the subject in which I plan to teach. Mr. Faulk’s décor in his classroom was typical of a high school World History classroom. There was a large amount of student drawings hanging around the room that coincided with the section that was being covered. Also, there were posters of various significant historical figures hanging on bulletin boards. Additionally, Mr. Faulk’s classroom had a split layout, which had the desks divided on either side of the room with the smart board directly in the center at the front of the class. Furthermore, Mr. Faulk’s desk was located in the front left of the classroom right next to the smart board. During my observation of Mr. Faulk’s class I noticed many teaching standards that were utilized. First, Mr. Faulk applied Teacher Standard 6 (Utilize Technology). To begin the each class, Mr. Faulk had prepared a bell ringer assignment on the smart board. Students then had 5 minutes to complete the question the smart board which were reviewed and explained after the…

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