My First Night Of Being At The Club Essays

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I was placed at the Boys and Girls Club of the Red River Valley at the Main Site. My first impression of the Boys and Girls club was a bit curious as to how this was a place for children come after school. I will be addressing how my activities went, the connections that were made to the students, their families, and their cultures. I will then be making connections made through my readings to help at the Boys and Girls Club. Finally, I will be reflecting this experience with my future.
My curiosity was answered the first night of being at the club. I saw how this program came together. When we had our orientation I thought how were the kids going to be separated or are they all just in one big group, but they weren’t, they were separated by grade level. We attempted to do some of our activities with our group of 3rd through 5th grade students. The time frame that I was scheduled for was difficult to get the activities in. I was there from 5-6p and the students ate dinner from 5-5:20p, then the bus would come and most all of the kids throughout the center would leave either by the bus or parents around 5:30. The most successful activity that we completed was when the girls choreographed dance moves to a song or dancing to a song they already knew the dance moves to. I was surprised on how they knew the dance moves to certain songs that I have listened to and didn’t even know that there was a dance to. The other activities that we attempted were playing lightning, but they…

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