My First Name ' Jonni ' Essay

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My first name “Jonni” comes from two very influential men in my life—my uncle John and Grandpa John. My last name “Nigro” is Italian which is where my father’s family is proudly from. My father, James Nigro, was born in Kansas City, Missouri, which is where most of his family still lives, whereas my mother, Lori Winterholer, was born and rasied in Twin Falls, Idaho. My parents met in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where they were both working at Jackpot casino at the time, and about six years later, I was born. My life began on December 16th, 1997. I was born in North Kansas City hospital which, is where I was raised until we moved to Twin Falls, Idaho while I was in second grade. After about six months of living there, we moved to Miami, Oklahoma, which is where I’ve lived since. I come from a household of two sisters, Toni, who is twenty-two, and Tara who is thirty-three. Both of them have helped me cope during my hardest times in life, and applauded me when I’ve accomplished dreams; they are my life-long best friends. My parents were married until my mother passed away from cancer on August 11th, 2010 and my father is still unmarried to this day, but he’s worked hard to keep my sister’s and I living happily until a roof. I would have never imagined ending up in Oklahoma when I was younger, but I’ve meet many people which have been a pleasure to have in my life and influenced me to become the young woman I am today. I’ve spent my most important years growing up here; I’ve developed,…

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