My First Memory Of Learning Essay

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Sitting on a colorful rug and listening to my pre-school teacher, who also happened to be my aunt, read books from Dr. Seuss is my first memory of learning to read. She would read word by word slowly and, of course, she would show us the bright and vivid pictures. When she finished reading we would sit in our tiny chairs at our miniature tables and learn how to write the alphabet. Those are the first memories I have of learning to read and write. Reading was never a big problem for me, I was just a slow reader. In elementary when we had to read excerpts from stories with our teacher, I would try and read it quickly because I knew she was timing me. Since I noticed that, I thought the point was to read it as fast as we could. Unfortunately, when I finished and she asked me questions about what I had read. I couldn 't answer them because, I didn 't remember what the story was about. I soon learned I had to read slower if I wanted to actually comprehend what I was reading. So, from an early age I wanted to read more and more so I could read quickly and still comprehend it. Throughout elementary I read every Judy B Jones and Goosebumps book in our library. After graduating from elementary school and entering middle school, my memories about reading and writing got very unpleasant. In a way I guess, you could even say that some of these experiences were traumatizing to me. One of the biggest obstacles in my life has been my shyness and still is to this day. Just talking…

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