Essay My First Machine Learning Course

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My interests have been pretty clear from childhood. I was always inspired by what a computer could do. Growing up with this advancing technology, every day there has been something new to learn. After my training for the International Olympiad of Informatics to represent India, there was no doubt that I wanted to build things faster and more efficient than before. However, until then I did not know the booming field called machine learning. I always tried to make algorithms to predict something based on heuristic decisions or even just hardcoded bunch of decisions. It was only in UCSD when I took my first Machine learning course, I realized the true potential of Machines and Data and the sweet bond between them. At first it all looked magic to me that how can by just feeding some data, this machine can predict something accurately. Later, in the course, I figured how this magic was happening. This time the magician revealed their trick.
My school had only a few courses in Machine learning so I explored Data Science. My first class was with Prof. Julian, under whom I researched for a while. My research was focused on creating Human level English descriptions of an Image. As I was working so closely with Prof. Julian that I decided to tutor the same Data Science. Tutoring that course helped me understand the concepts even better as I was able to teach them to students who had doubts. Since then I knew that I want to pursue this field.
My Internships at eBay were not machine…

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