Why I Want To Be A Councilor Essay

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Lets begin Summer of 2004 I am starting my first ever job as a C.I.T. councilor in training, at a day camp that I have grown up going to and now I get to become a councilor. I am very excited because for nine weeks I will be with nine different groups aging from kids going into second grade to kids going to be sophomores in high school. I am really excited to be with a lot of the councilors I had when I was a in camp. Also I would be working along side a lot of my friends I grew up with who decided they wanted to be councilors too. I remember like it was yesterday I am very excited my first and second groups are third and fourth grade boys, back-to-back weeks. Those were the best weeks of the summer because in my opinion the kids at the perfect age because they, for the most part sit there …show more content…
The day that I am graduating from High Point University with a B.S. in Sports Management and I am sitting in my chair happy as anyone can be because I am about to graduate and start my first job after college as a head baseball coach at the Montessori School of Raleigh. I remember when I got the job as the couch I was as excited as I was when I was a councilor at that day camp. Knowing I was going to be able to teach someone something, even if it was just one thing that was worth it. I remember going in for the first day and I was nervous, but really excited. I walked over to the team and at the time there were less the nine kids there because we were brand new program and I told them who I was and what I expect out of them and my self and most importantly I told them that having fun is my number goal then teaching them how to play the game and everything else came after that. Little did I know I was there for three years and that was the best three years of my post college career because over that time I could visually see the change in every player who played for me. That was the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done to this

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