My First Issue Of College Essay example

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I was never interested in going to college but my parents convince me to attend in hopes of achieving a higher education and succeed in life. Ultimately, they told me of different accounts on how college helped my family and relatives get good jobs. For instance, through college, my Aunt Nonie was able become a pathologist, my mom and sister became a nurse and my dad as an electrical engineer. With this in mind, I was motivated to attend college and succeed. But going to college has its challenges. In my experience, there are three issues I encountered upon starting and actively in college which I was able to resolve. First, difficulties in choosing a degree which I was able to fix by doing nursing. Second, issues with finding the right college which I was able to resolve by going to College of Southern Nevada. Finally, my difficulties in passing my entrance exam to get in the program.

My first issue in starting college is finding the right degree. I did not know what degree to go after but I already see myself working either in the medical field like my mom or engineering like my dad. So, I talked to my parents again to ask for advice and they told me to do nursing since hospitals are always short of nurses. In addition, the field of engineering is competitive and does not offer the same benefits as nurses do, so my dad suggested that I should steer away from his field of work. Naturally, after putting into account what my parents told me, I decided to major in nursing…

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