Essay about My First House - Original Writing

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My first house
The first house I lived in is the same house I live in now. We have moved to 3 other houses and then we moved back to the house we are in now. the house I red brick with 2 dig window on the front of it. the grass used to be dead, but i planted more grass. there are lots of car parts in the front yard because My brother is a gear head.

are first night we sleep in the house we all slept on the kitchen floor because the rest of the house was getting new carpet. the next day we were able to set up 2 beds in the rooms that got chopped that day. So My parents were in one room and me and My 3 brothers were in the other. it was much more comfortable than the floor. on the third night we all had our own rooms.

the house is really long and wide. which is a good thing because there are 6 boys that love to fight with each other. my mom really doesn 't like the house, but i do. i have so many friends that live really close by and we all can go downstairs and do whatever we want. my mom doesn 't like it because there are a lot of problems with the house like no back yard for the dogs, not enough rooms for all 12 of us who live there, not enough bathrooms and last of all no living room.

my family.

my family is the best family in the world. some people feel bad for me because there are 8 kids in my family, but I say no its fun when we go places. there are a lot of us so when we have to do something it doesn 't take too long. we might never get to go on a cruise…

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