My First Home Is A Part Of Life Essay

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If there is one thing I’ve learned in my eighteen years it’s that change is a part of life. With every change there are two different approaches: to either dwell on the totality of loss, or to focus on the lessons about the change and the opportunities for growth that results from loss. I’m proud to say I’ve chosen the latter, despite its difficulty. My first home was in the rural Alaskan Village of Eklutna. My Mom was the community health aide and my Dad was a computer consultant. We lived there for the first couple years of my life, which, admittedly, are pretty unmemorable. When I was three, we moved to a wilderness home in rural Alaska. This is where I first learned what loss and grief were. While living in our rural home many of our pets died. I had come to know the many different animals we had as friends and even family. But, sadly, all their lives were cut short forcing me, at a young age, to learn how to deal with grief and to comprehend the idea of loss. These comparably small tragedies helped me learn to cope with loss and helped me prepare for what was to come in the future. In the year 2000, our home caught on fire due to a faulty fireplace installation. I remember sitting in the car during an Alaskan winter night as our home burned and realizing that all of my toys and possessions were gone. My parents assured me that material possessions were replaceable and that we were lucky to be alive and to have each other. As it turned out, they were…

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