Essay about My First Generation College Student

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Medicine has always been my true passion. As a first generation college student, I was constantly reminded of the importance of education by my parents. However, I never had a role model to look up to in the medical field. The interest stemmed from my doctor’s visits as a child. I was never particularly prone to illness but yearly checkups made the doctor’s office a somewhat familiar place. I found the pediatric office comforting in many ways. I loved getting to see the doctor, finding out my weight, height, and answering questions about my lifestyle. Every time I went for a cold or a rash, I always got better. It was a place where things would get fixed when they were broken. This made the doctor’s office a positive place for me. This naive interest was cemented the day I found out I had a heart murmur at 16. I had never been to a specialist before. When I entered the office, I was plugged into several machines, one that I later learned was an electrocardiogram and then the doctor viewed my heart through an ultrasound. The ordeal was rather uncomfortable but as I lay with the slimy jelly on my chest I looked up to the screen and saw the bright outline of my beating heart. I could not take my eyes off of it. It was beating, it was life, it was inside of me and it looked nothing like the textbooks. I could not make sense of the bright image and I wondered how the doctor could detect abnormalities from such a strange moving image. My curiosity overwhelmed me and I…

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