Essay on My First Field Experience With A Kindergarten Class

1006 Words Oct 8th, 2015 null Page
For my first field experience I observed a kindergarten class. The class included 24 students, the teacher, and the student teacher. When I entered the classroom, I was very impressed on how clean it was. The students were able to move around the very well, but it was a little tough for the adults. The students were located in the middle of the room at 4 tables, each seating 6 students. The teacher was located in the back corner by the window. This gave her an excellent panoramic view of all her students in order to keep an eye on them. The computers were located along the back wall of the room and it was very tight in that space due to a table being right next to them. She had stations set up for toys, books, a train set, sand, and white boards. The students had easy access to them and had no trouble being around each other. The room was filled with posters on various subjects. On the main board there was a number line, the alphabet with big and small letters, a list of colors, and a calendar. Over the computers a poster of shapes was hung and the students used it as a reference of how to spell the shapes names. Surprisingly, there was a poster of the president informing the students of who the current president was. On the door was a list of classroom rules telling the students to share, be kind, and to keep their hands to themselves. The students have their own mailboxes and cost cubbies on the far wall near the toys. This helps keep the clutter down to a minimum.…

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