Essay about My First Field Excursion At Kuringai Chase National Park

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My first field excursion to Kuringai-Chase National Park in early September was a guided tour let by my Anthropology Professor. Preliminary discussions of the tour centered on the retelling of Australia’s dark history to include the injustices inflicted on the marginalized Indigenous populations by their colonial oppressors. Our tour began atop a ledge over looking the bodies of water (Hawkesbury River, Pittwater and Cowan Water) that suround the National Park.
Image one represents one of the many points of entry utilized by European settlers to gain access to the vast Australian landscape. Australia was once believed to be uninhabited prior to the arrival of the first fleet of settlers in the late eighteenth century. In a systematic process of invasion, conquest, and exploitation, colonizer sought to make something of this terra nullius or “nothing land” that they had discovered. Operating under this false assumption, European settlers sought to impose their own ways of being onto the landscape and its existing Indigenous inhabitants. Colonial oppressor dispossessed these Indigenous populations of their land. This allowed western civilization to flourish at the expense of Aboriginal Australians.
I was intrigued by the cultural and historical insight on land dispossession presented in my course lectures. In reflecting on these notions, I began to ask questions regarding the importance of land to Indigenous communities. This warranted a broader discussion about the ways in…

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